SDGs Research

Business Contributions to the SDGs – A Student Assessment

This project engages university students globally in researching and learning about corporate sustainability performance. Research from various collaborations with universities generates open data and analyses of the data – comparing corporations’ performance and disclosure rates.

A partnership between WikiRate, the Principles for Responsible Management Education, the UN Global Compact and the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

University Sustainability Performance

While much research on WikiRate focuses on the sustainability performance of companies, and analysis of that data, the same approach can be used to understand and compare university sustainability performance and impact.

There are many frameworks for this, and some which are heavily adopted by universities across certain regions. A pilot project using Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) metrics was run in early 2017 with professors and students at the University of Michigan in the United States and University of Worcester in the United Kingdom. In the initial stage, metrics were mapped to the SDGs to provide a framework for universities to start to understand how metrics link to specific SDGs with the hope that it will enable universities to connect business strategies and teaching with global priorities.

As we look to expand the project, we are also interested in seeing how the different metrics can be applied to a wider range of universities, particularly in emerging countries.

Legislative Frameworks

Modern Slavery Research

The Walk Free Foundation, WikiRate, and Columbia University students and professors collaborated to develop and test metrics for systematic research on corporations reporting on Modern Slavery in operations and supply chains.

Mineral Sourcing Practices

Research and volunteer engagement with Amnesty International generating comparable data on company disclosures of mineral sourcing practices.

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