The Vision and Objectives

The WikiRate Project fosters collective awareness on corporate social responsibility and drives social change. We divided this mission into the following three main objectives:

  1. Improve stakeholder’s awareness of corporate sustainability practices
  2. Enable stakeholders to act on their improved awareness
  3. Incentivise companies to change their practices to the better based on improved stakeholder awareness

These objectives can be translated into the following specific project tasks:

Objective 1 (Improve Collective Awareness):

  • Create an open social networking system to allow for cooperative creation and sharing of knowledge regarding a company’s ethical practices. This requires a crowdsourcing platform with an excellent user experience, ubiquitous website availability including mobile integration, the support and integration of real-time gathering of information through sensors, a multi-lingual set-up, anti-trolling/anti-spam prevention devices etc.
  • Create and support an active community. This requires a significant dissemination budget to attract new users and implement appropriate community features to retain users and encourage participation

Objective 2 (Enable stakeholders to act on their improved awareness):

  • Design and implement a crowdsourced comparative rating system that allows users to personalise a company’s rating according to their individual values and determine what companies are demonstrating better or worse practices compared to the industry average
  • Engage users around sustainability topics with low barriers to contribute
  • Incentivise users to contribute quality content through effective incentive and reputation systems including gamification, and by being part of the WikiRate community
  • Visualise the data in appealing ways, such as via timelines (e.g. history of company practices), maps (e.g. local impacts) etc.

Objective 3 (Incentivise companies to act responsibly)

  • Update companies on their WikiRate standing vs. their competitors. Survey companies on WikiRate’s impact on their practices

In Year 2 the Consortium undertook an evaluation of the project objectives. Following a review, the consortium agreed on a revised set of objectives which were articulated in D7.7.2 pp.23-24:

  1. WikiRate should be a centralised repository of all quantitative knowledge that is relevant to assessing companies’ performance in relation to sustainability issues.
  2. WikiRate should facilitate the work of researchers and campaigners who are active in this area – by encouraging greater transparency in the research process and the production of more standard and re-usable forms of data, and by efficiently integrating the work of volunteers into the research process.
  3. WikiRate should serve everyone with an interest in sustainability – with high-level ratings and overviews that allow for fast comparisons, but also low-level indicator data that allows for detailed inspection of individual companies by an expert user.

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